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التبادل الاعلاني

On the end ((the last day of the ground)؟

استعرض الموضوع السابق استعرض الموضوع التالي اذهب الى الأسفل

On the end ((the last day of the ground)؟

مُساهمة من طرف fgr في السبت يوليو 28, 2012 4:38 am

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
The time markers that have been made

* Affect people in the architecture.

* Increase in chaos (murder), it is even Edery killer to murder and murdered were killed.

* The spread of adultery.

* The spread of usury.

* The spread of alcohol.

* The spread of Asvat, songs, singers and dancers.

Said the Prophet peace be upon him: It would be eclipsed last time and
teratogenic and threw, and when they said O Messenger of God? If you see musical instruments and singing and drinking alcohol. (

* Out of the fire light up the Hijaz with the necks of camels am looking (Sham) was obtained in 654 AH.

* Digging tunnels in Mecca and its structure Kaalo altitude mountains.

* Convergence time.

(Become a year like a month and the month like a week and a day of week and day like a clock and the clock burning of Palm)

* The large number of funds and helping the wife of her husband to trade.

* The emergence of sudden death.

* Turn against the people and changing concepts.

Prophet peace be upon him: come on people Khaddaat years. True and the
false sincere lie and betray the Secretary believes and speaks Alroabzh
traitor" (and Alroabzh Bugger is the man speaking in general is - is
General is the religion)

* Frequent disobedience and spare wombs ...

* Act of immorality (adultery), the streets so that the best of our Hala says Tuaretm behind the wall.

Signs at major

Roman treaty

first the Muslims in the Treaty (Treaty) with the Roman enemy fighting
from behind us and Ngelbh and then issue a betrayal of the people of
the Romans and the fighting between Muslims and Roman. These
days the land has been filled with injustice and tyranny and
aggression, gives God a man to the ground from the family of the
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (says the Prophet peace be upon him:
his name as the highest and the name of his father as a name my father,
God fills the earth with justice and fairness as it was filled with
injustice and oppression (

Emergence of the Mahdi

this man to lead the nation but Aztr to that the absence of a leader is
required binding and allegiance between the Corner and primarily
carries the banner of Jihad in the way of Allah and wraps people about
this man who called the Mahdi, and he gets a League of the Levant, and
Ibmal Iraq, and soldiers of Yemen and the people of Egypt, and gather
the nation around him. After
which the battle between the Muslims and the Romans until the Muslims
to Constantinople (Istanbul) and then open until it reaches the army to
Europe to arrive in turkey (Italy) and all the country open them zoom
in and cheer and here shouting the devil in them cry to stop this
process and say that the devil may your successor in Dhirarikm say Dajjal has come out. The
Antichrist man eyed, short, with thick, curly hair will remind him
later, but the idea that it was a hoax and a lie from the devil to stop
the march of this army who shall Mahdi sends ten knights are the best
of knights on earth (says the Prophet peace be upon him: I know their
names and the names of their fathers and colors their
horses, knights are the best on earth at that time) to make sure out of
the Antichrist, but due to the fact that the army appears Antichrist by
the East

And there was no dissension on the face of the earth the greatest temptation of the Antichrist.


in the earth for forty days, day year, a day like a month, and day like
a week, and the rest of his days Koaamna, and give him the capacity of
ordering the sky Vtmatar, and the earth Vtnept If you believe in him,
but did not believe and disbelieve it, command the sky to catch a burst
and the earth that Tqaht so mesmerizing people by . And
his committee and the fire, and if a person enters his committee, he
entered the fire, and when he enters the fire, will enter Paradise. And his movements very fast by rain and wind Ostdbernh roam the whole earth except Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem said. From
the temptation of this man who claims to divinity and that he is God
(Almighty God), but dissension, of course, followed by the first Maikrj
seventy thousand Jews and follow many of the ignorant and weak
religion. And
argue who did not believe in it, saying, Where is your father and your
mother, he says, may have died long ago, he says, What do you think
that your mother and your father are revived, Avtsedk? Ordering
the grave Vinhq and out of the devil in the form of his mother Viengaha
says his mother, son, believed in him it is your Lord, Faamn it, and so
command of the Prophet peace be upon him that people flee from him and
met him should read it savory and last verses of Sura Kahf it Tasmh,
God willing, from his fitnah.

gates of the city Vtmanah angels from entering and a man comes out of
the city and say you are the Antichrist, which the Prophet warned us
against it, strikes Fiksmh in half and walk between the halves and then
tell him who shall again. Say to him, now you believe me? No, God says, Mazd] T. But certainly, you are the Antichrist.
s, the White Mosque (the scholars
said that the Umayyad Mosque), the Mahdi will be present and the
Mujahideen with him want fighter Antichrist, but They can not, and
suddenly they hear the relief (there comes relief, there comes relief)
and be dawn between the ears and accommodation. And
relief is Jesus son of Mary descends from heaven on the wings of the
king, it describes the people of the dawn prayer and offers Mahdi Issa
son of Mary to pray with people, what pleases Jesus provides the Mahdi
to pray and pray and then a flag Jesus son of Mary, and off cries of
jihad (God is greater) to Palestine and gets fighting
Fantq trees and stone Iamslm Aaabd God, there is a Jew behind me and
kill him, and killed a Muslim Fla sheds one on the Antichrist, but
Jesus, the son of Mary strikes bayonet Viguetlh and raise the spear
that has been shed by the blood of the unclean and the growing Muslim
and starts victory and set off joy among the people and start human on
earth. He tells God Almighty Jesus son of Mary, Aaissy score slaves to the phase (run away to the mountains of phase), why?? Was sent out servants to Aidan for a fight on (ie, people will come now to Jesus and can not fight them on the Mujahideen)

Out Gog and Magog

will flee to the tops of the mountains, and out of Gog and Magog to
Enzkon Aiabs and green, but come on Lake Vicherbunha for delays it
(dry), until the last of he says, has been in the water. Of
course, he stayed Jesus on earth was for seven years, all of these
events occur in seven years, Jesus is now the faithful on the mountains
call God Almighty, and Gog and Magog wreak ground spoilers and they
thought they had been killed and they killed all the inhabitants of
earth, and say we want to kill and eliminate the people the sky, Vermont arrows to the sky, goes back arrow and blood think they killed the people of the sky (a deceiving God Khadahm)

The end of Gog and Magog and the death of Jesus

Ilthoa Bmagnmanm and let Jesus son of Mary, the true believers, God
sends the Almighty Gog and Magog on the worm its name myiasis kill them
all the same as killing one ..

son of Mary sends a man of good people to come down from the mountain
to see what happened on the ground, are seen because Jesus and his
promises that they had died and God destroy them. Descend
to Jesus and the believers to the ground Mstbharin of killing Gog and
Magog, and then call Jesus Lord to save him and save him because they
may Ontnoa the whole earth, hatching birds, a great charge the of the
bodies, and go down the rain wash the earth, then earth grows, and
governs Jesus son of Mary, his fair land, Vtnept earth abound goods , and then die Jesus son of Mary.

Exit of an animal

these events, strange events begin, people hear that there is an animal
suddenly went out in Mecca, the animal comes out in Mecca. This animal like humans speak to him a Aatard. If
you saw the man and his preaching, and if the unbeliever, a seal on his
forehead that an unbeliever, and if the seal on his forehead a believer
that a believer will not be able to change. Coincide
out an animal, perhaps on the same day they leave, something happens in
another universe, a rising of the sun from the west, where a final
close the door of repentance, of forgiveness and repentance Ainf that
day. The sun for three days from Morocco and then back again, and endless world is that the door of repentance closed.


after the event occurs last, sees people whole sky was filled with
smoke, smoke covered the whole earth Ihjbhm from the sun and the
planets and the sky. Begins with people (misguided) to cry and pray and seek forgiveness, but Aanfhm.

An eclipse

Three landslides occur, eclipsed bright, and eclipsed in Morocco, and the Arabian Peninsula. Eclipsed great, swallows people. In those days a good wind out of Yemen before spreading in the ground and capture the soul of every believer on earth. Grab
their spirit Kalzakma (such as Sneezes), leaving the land but the most
evil people, Flaeugd mosque and Koran, so that the Kaaba be destroyed
(said the prophet peace be upon him: if I see him destroy the Kaaba
ax), do not perform Hajj to the House of God and raise the Koran, until
the City campus Medina,
he gets time to Weimar which only wild animals and dogs, so that a man
passes by and says, has been present here are Muslims.

that time no longer be the land but the infidels and ungodly, to the
land Aigal the word of God, so that some people say we hear Ojaddana
say to God but Allah, do not know its meaning. Ended
the male and worship, Viharjon Tharj Rouge, does not justice nor truth
nor honesty, people eat each other and meet the devils among mankind
and jinn.

Fire out of hand, Yemen

that time outside the fire on the Yemen, beginning trapped all people,
and people are fleeing the camels, four on one camel, rotate it, people
flee from the fire until all of them congregate in the Levant on the
ground one.

Blowing of the Trumpet

If you bring people on this earth, God authorized the blower pictures to blow Puff the first time has. Then all creation die, humans, animals, birds and insects and the jinn and all the creature in heaven and earth, but of God. Puff
and between the first and second forty (forty to Edri why? Day, week,
month!) During this forty heavy rain come down from heaven, and the
bodies of people from Adam to be completed

to germinate and the earth is made up, if the bodies have been
completed, God commanded blower that blows the images people see the
horrors of the Resurrection


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