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Marriage in Islam

اذهب الى الأسفل

Marriage in Islam

مُساهمة من طرف fgr في الإثنين أغسطس 06, 2012 10:26 pm

Happy Family

Marriage in Islam


says: It is everything We have created pairs that you may recall,
[Thareyat: 49], and said: Praise the created pairs of all things that
the earth and themselves and which they know not} [Yasin: 36].

How much does a wonderful year legal enacted by God in his creatures even if the melody plays the entire universe is twofold. And
on the human side of marriage bond closely together between men and
women, and realized its happiness, and recognized by the eyes, if takes
into account the provisions of Islamic Shariah and the Arts. He says: Our Lord, grant us of our wives and our offspring the comfort of the eyes and make us righteous imam} [Furqan: 74].

is the way legitimate for a family safe, which is the nucleus of the
nation's large, Marriage in Islamic law: a combination of men and
women, benefit the legalization of ten between them, and their
cooperation in the love and mercy, and shows what both of the rights
and respective obligations.

Induction to the marriage:

Prophet peace be upon him in marriage, and urged him, and ordered it
when the ability for it, he said peace be upon him: (O youth, men,
whoever among you can afford (ie: the ability to assume the duties of
marriage) married, it is lowering the gaze and guard of
the vulva, and whoever can not fast, it came to him (ie: prevention and
protection) [Agreed]. that marriage as a Sunnah of the Prophets and the
righteous, it has been for most of the wives of the prophets and the

violence, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, to leave the
marriage, which is capable of performing it, and cautioned that this is
contrary to the year of peace be upon him, for once - may Allah be
pleased with him - he said, came three Rahat to the homes of wives of
the Prophet peace be upon him asking for worship The
Prophet peace be upon him, and when he told Tqlwaha as if they were,
they said: Where are we from the Prophet peace be upon him, and forgave
him his past and future sins? One of them said: As for me, I pray all night and never said another fast all my life I never break my fast. Another said: I keep away from women, and never get married. The
Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, he said: (You are the ones who
said such and such? As for God, I Okhchakm God and most pious son, but
I fast and break my fast, and pray and I sleep, and married women, it
turns away from my Sunnah is not of me) _ [agreed].

The rule of marriage:

Muslims and Muslim marriage in front of three categories:

Class available to him the reasons for the marriage, and has a moderate
desire to marry, so that it can feel safe - if not married - that is
illegal is prohibited in; because his instinct does not insist it be
paid to the Sacred. At
the same time believed this product - or thinks it most likely - that
if he married he would appropriate the rights of marital standing,
without being unfair to the other party, and without really missing
from their rights. Marriage
in the right of this product was confirmed Sunnah, delegate to him
religiously, and rewarded him with Allah - the Almighty - and refer to
this type previous texts.

The second class of those who were available to them the reasons for
marriage, with a strong desire in it, and Tiguenh - drop likely - it is
located in a prohibited illegal if not married, this product must be
married for the collection of chastity and away from the things no
man's land, with the requirement to be able to do the rights of marriage, without injustice to the other party. Make
sure that the other party Sazlm create bad or otherwise, he must strive
to improve the creation and training himself on the good cohabitation
with his partner.

* The third category of no desire, whether it be created out of, or was due to old age or sickness or accident. It
is determined by the rule of his marriage based on what can be achieved
other benefits of marriage, which is not limited to satisfy the sexual
instinct, if achieved intimacy psychological and one thousand
spiritual, taking into account what might happen from damage to the
other party, and therefore must be openness between the two sides since
the beginning in such this order; to choose his partner both parties are aware.

seem social interest of the phenomenon of marriage The third category,
in some cases equal, if the married man and a woman have both made by
age, with no need for them to satisfy sexual desires as much as they
need to Hsthma of humanizes and insatiable passion and intimacy and
housing. Or
so of cases equal, those recommended to them to marry for the good of
the purposes of legitimacy, not accident damage on both sides.

The benefits of marriage and its achievement:

marriage door to the date, and the entrance of the gains many of the
individual and society, so the person attempts to marry obedience to
God and following the example of the Prophet peace be upon him, it will
find help from God, he said, peace be upon him: (three right on God's
help: the mujahid in the path of Allah, and offices that want performance, and condition is, who wants chastity)

[Tirmidhi, Ahmad, and the Governor]. Thus, marriage becomes a pure worship of God will be rewarded by the next.

for its achievement, they are many, marriage is through legitimate to
enjoy all of the spouses of the other, and the satisfaction of libido,
are acceptable to Allah and His Messenger, he said, peace be upon him:
(dear to things of this world: women and perfume, and the sweetness in
prayer) [Ahmad, Women's, and the Governor].

Manholes and marriage tortured to gain favors. He said peace be upon him: (In a few (a euphemism for sexual intercourse) one of you a charity). They said: O Messenger of Allah, if one of us fulfills his desire, and be rewarded? He said: (Do you see, if he does it in a haraam, be punished for it?). They said: Yes. He said: (So if he does it in a halaal have the reward of) [Muslim].

said peace be upon him - well - (and you will not spend anything
seeking thereby the expense of the face of God, but undertook it, even
make it in (the mouth) your wife) [Agreed].

marriage provides for the Muslim causes of chastity, and help him to
keep away from evil, and kept up from the whispers of Satan, he said,
peace be upon him: (The woman accepted in the form of a demon, and
management in the form of a devil (ie, that the devil emblazoned with
those who see and tempt him out) If one of you sees a woman (ie, foreign) are like, let him come his family, that is what in itself) [Muslim].

is a means to save the offspring, and the survival of the human race,
and the continuation of human existence, he says: {O people, fear your
Lord who created you from one soul and created from her husband and
broadcast them many men and women [women: 1]. It
means - well - to sustain life, and the path for the reconstruction of
the earth, and to achieve solidarity between parents and children,
where parents spend on children and their upbringing, and then the
parents of children under the auspices of, and treat them when their
disability, and old age.

boy and an extension of the work of the couple after their death, he
said, peace be upon him: (When the son of Adam dies, his work, apart
from three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge or a righteous son
calls him) [Bukhari].

marriage for cooperation, a woman enough to measure things, her husband
home, and the creation of livelihood, and her husband burdens of
earning enough, and the management of the affairs of life, he says:
{And put between you affection and mercy} [Rum: 21].

the legitimacy of the marriage relationship, reservation of rights and
genealogy of their respective owners, and the symptoms and protect the
privacy, and cleanse the breath of corruption, and published virtue and
morality, he says: {And those who guard their chastity. Except from their wives or (the slaves) that their they are not to blame. But whoever seeks beyond that, such are transgressors} [Ascent: 29-31].

said peace be upon him: (you is a shepherd and each of you responsible
for his flock, Imam shepherd and is responsible for his flock, and the
man is the shepherd of his family and is responsible for his flock, and
the woman is the shepherd of her husband's house and is responsible for
her flock, and the server is the shepherd of master's wealth and is
responsible for his flock. The
man is the shepherd of his father's wealth and is responsible for his
flock, a shepherd You all, and you is a shepherd and is responsible for
his flock) [Agreed].

contributes to the marriage in strengthening the bonds of love and
cooperation through intermarriage, and the widening circle of
relatives, it is a building block a strong community cohesion and
strength, he says: He who created man from water: then has proportions
and the marriage relationship and the Lord mighty} [Furqan: 54].

the mystery of the Prophet peace be upon him built Mustaliq in the
Battle of Amartisaa, and the capture of them created a lot, he married
Ms. Fatima girl Harith - were among the prisoners - fired companions
what was in their hands of the prisoners; in honor of the Prophet peace
be upon him and Osarh, was her marriage to the greatest blessing to her people.

was some of the benefits of marriage, the many, and Islam is keen to
obtain every man and woman share of those benefits, Frgb in marriage
and urged him, and ordered the woman's guardian to marry her, he says:
{and female relative Aloyamy of you and the righteous, fit and Amaúkm
that they are poor, Allah will enrich them from His grace and God all-Knowing} [Nur: 32]. He
said Islam who refuses to marry his daughter or his client - If you
found a suitable husband for her - a spoiler in the ground. He
said peace be upon him: (If someone from whose religious commitment and
character Vonkhoh, but do not sedition and corruption in the earth)

Faith in the marriage:

ibn al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him - said: The Messenger of
Allah peace be upon him: (Actions are but by intentions, but each man
that which he intended, it had emigrated to Allah and His Messenger
Vahjrth to Allah and His Messenger, and had emigrated to the worldly,
or a woman marry , Vahjrth migrated to it) [Agreed].

The intention valid Eptgy the face of God, turn to the worship of habit. People
when they marry them from seeking riches and wealth, and some of them
sought to fortify himself, the intention in is important in all this.

I accept a Muslim to marry, he should bear in mind that by the
formation of a Muslim home again, and a family; to come out to the
Muslim world, men and women qualified, and to know that in marriage
doeth good to his religion and worldly affairs, and the Ahsana him

Half of the debt of marriage:

fortifies men and women, Faugean their energies to the field right;
debt service; and reconstruction of the earth, and all of them be aware
of his role serious and significant in the reform of his partner and
his commitment to his religion, and to have a positive role in his call
to good, and urged him to acts of worship, and to help them, and that create
a right atmosphere to get closer to God, would not be temptation to him
in his religion, and distracts him from acting promptly in the work of
good works, righteous woman half the religion of her husband, said
peace be upon him: (from the living God a righteous woman, has helped
to half of his religion, so let him fear God the other half.) [ruling].

Love and marriage:

passion of true love between the couple when they improve their
relationship, and germinated seeds before that during the phase of the
engagement, it has grown love and compassion between the two Inmaan
this love, and Izquian feelings of intimacy, and not true who say that
marriage kills love and limits emotions. Indeed,
the marriage of equal right which is built on mutual understanding,
cooperation and friendship, is the way the vital and the road-Tayeb
Tahir to maintain the noble sentiments of men and women, so it was said
as narrated from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (did not see
to love one another, such as marriage) [Ibn Majah, and the Governor ].

marriage is not a way to blend physical sensory between men and women,
but is a natural way to the owners of mushrooms sound to blend
emotional and saturation and psychological integration emotional, even
if each spouse a garment for the other, concealed and protected and
Adfih, he says: They are to dress as you dress them! [Baqarah: 187].

share the feelings of love between the couple strengthens Rabottthma,
Love is God mushroom people was, a strong bond between man and his
wife, he is the weapon that Ishqan it their way in life, who help them
to bear the hardships of life and its troubles.

Islam is concerned with the relationship of men and women before and
after marriage and was keen to make their end reasonable acquaintance,
create the opportunity to find some kind of affection, growing with the
days after marriage, is allowed for the suitor to see his fiancée to be
a cause in the perpetuation of affection between them, he said peace upon
him of a man wanted to propose marriage to a woman: (Look at it, it is
more likely to create love between you) [Tirmidhi and Nasa'i

And Ibn Majah].

However he was keen to develop a clear explicit legal controls; to keep the relationship good, a blessing .. He
stressed the prohibition on all that loves to rock bottom in this
relationship, and a prohibition on nearly every immorality and
debauchery; prevented mixing with the corrupt and being alone, and so

a result of the intellectual invasion of Muslim societies; began to
spread illegal relations between young men and women before marriage,
under the slogans of false misleading, and the pretext of love and
dating, and that this is the right way for a successful marriage, and
this is false. It
looked more closely what is happening around us will find that the
heavy losses of these relations, and its consequences are severe, and
how many failed marriages; because it began with such relationships,
and how many families shattered; because they grew up in the shadow of
seduction and passion to follow.

Delayed age of marriage:

phenomenon of delayed marriage age spread in some Muslim countries,
raising the average age of marriage among young people, and the average
age of marriage for girls abnormally.

is known that reaching the age at which it is fully reach young men and
women psychologically, mentally and physically, making them more able
to cope with the duties of marriage, but the delay of marriage to this
age disrupts the energies, and drifting out to the path is incorrect,
and may have helped the spread of immorality, and that the delay exhausting to marry young men and women in order to save their honor, and self-deter to follow passion.

This is due to delayed age of marriage for many reasons, including what is material, and some are social, and for these reasons:

A desire to marry the girl of a rich man, refuses or is the guardian of
each suitor poor or average case, because they have dreams of a house,
or luxury car ride, or wear couture.

- Excessive mahr him and deferred.

- Fatigue by requiring the husband of His Excellency and other furniture.

Waiver of the husband for all that he had collected in the marital
home, Valouli writes the contents of the list prepared by the husband's
house; to sign a waiver with him, if his wife left, he left the house
with it, and left alone. Note
that with dropping the furnishings of the house under his signature on
the list in exchange for the dowry that has not paid her before

Poverty, young people, there are a lot of young people who do not have
the money, and no job, no inheritance, no other sources of income, even
signatory is preparing to marry his ways.

The spread of belief in the necessity to complete the girl or boy
levels of education; not marry one of them until the university level,
and may delay some thinking to marry in order to get a master's degree
or doctorate.

State economic conditions, and provide opportunities for work, if the
spread of unemployment in the state declined to young people about
marriage; for their inability to meet its cost.

The spread of vice and corruption; resort where some young people in
corrupt societies to discharge their desires illegally, and the
consequences of this Zhdhm in marriage; as a result of the wrong
understanding of the objectives of the marriage-Semitism

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